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Why Remote Starts Are the Answer to Smoother, Warmer, More Comfortable Fall Mornings

The alarm didn’t go off. You’re not sure what exactly happened but you manage to wake up with exactly enough time to already be late for work.

Thermostat says the temp is 32 degrees. You look through your window…no snow, that’s a good sign. After a hurried shower, half a slice of toast, you grab your coffee and bolt out the door. The car is ice cold and the windows are covered in a thick frost, the kind that late fall brings. That’s okay, no big deal, a little frostbite never hurt anyone.

You start the car. You’re already late for work and the anxiety is starting to set in, you can feel your stress level rising with each passing moment. If you can leave in the next second, speed a little when no one’s looking and avoid the school zones then you can make it within a decent grace period. You’ve got it all planned out, it’s all going to work out fine. There’s just one problem. You literally can’t see out your window. It’s the special kind of thick frost that only October brings. The kind that stops you from leaving because while you are willing to break a few rules to get to work on time you draw the line at being a flat out road hazard.

So you just sit there….waiting….thinking what you could have done differently to avoid this miserable situation….wishing you had a remote start. Because while some things are unavoidable like the alarm randomly not going off and unforseen weather conditions you weren’t prepared for because it’s only October, you could have at least turned your car on with the click of a button right from your bed the moment you woke up, realized you were late, and had about 7.5 minutes to get yourself ready and out the door.

While not every morning is a hectic rush, well maybe it is if you have kids and lunches and coffee and, for most of us life is crazy busy and we’re not always thinking about the weather or unforseen circumstances. But we can at least be a little more prepared because we do live in Montana after all.

Remote starts come with packaged pricing that includes the product, install, accessories, labor, and a lifetime warranty standard on all systems. Installs are done and ready the day you bring it in to create as little inconvenience for you as possible. Drop it off, pick it up same day, and enjoy the freedom of having a remote start. The beauty is once it’s installed its pretty much good to go. Hassle free and no maintenance but it offers an incredible convenience and time saver to you on a daily basis all year round.

Remote starts are the answer to smoother, warmer, more comfortable fall mornings. If a remote start has been on your mind take that as a good sign that it’s time to get one.

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Don’t get caught in the cold.

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