About Reference AV…

Reference Audio Video is a locally owned and operated in Great Falls, Montana. Our doors originally opened in late 2006 with one goal in mind, to give our customers the products and knowledge to get them the products that they really want, not what someone just wanted to sell them. Starting out originally as strictly an audio shop, we quickly expanded our ranks, moving into custom fabrication, boats and RVS, accent lighting, LED and HID lighting, aftermarket head lights and tail lights, and power sports audio systems for you motorcycle and ATV. We wanted to give another option to their car audio/video and home audio needs. Going through an ownership change in mid-2014, we still stick by these goals today. For us, the customer experience is the most important part of the sale. At the end of the day we want our customers walking away with our products with confidence, the confidence that not only did they make an informed purchase, but the right purchase. We strive hard to reach this for every product we sell, whether its speakers, radios, remote starts, or even lighting.

“We will install something, even if its not bought through our store.”

But our experience is not only limited to selling you products, we also offer professional installation. Our techs have years of industry experience, and the certifications to give you the peace of mind that you will get the most out of your new equipment, and that everything will be installed clean and safely. Whether you buy your equipment from us, or somewhere else, we have the knowledge and the ability to make sure it is installed the right way. From simple head unit and speaker replacements, to full on custom builds, we can handle it all. We offer a lifetime warranty on our installations, so you can have peace of mind after the fact as well. Check out some of our work in our projects section, and stop by or give us a call, and see why our first time customers, turn into lifetime customers.

Meet the Crew

Lee Secora

Owner and Lead Installation Technician

Lee has been with Reference since late 2007, and bought the business in mid-2014. Lee is a graduate of the mobile electronics specialty school Mobile Dynamics in Phoenix, Arizona. While there Lee was the top graduate of his class, received an award for outstanding leadership, and Advanced Level Certification from MECP, the leading mobile electronics certification program. Lee has been one of the faces that have helped Reference grow from the new shop on the block, into what it is today. Being taught by some of the long standing industry vets early on in his career, Lee has developed his skills and knowledge to handle almost any project that is brought into the shop.

Alvin Bartels

Sales Associate

Almost any time you walk into the shop, Alvin will be the first face you see. He runs the store front, and most of the time is the voice between the customer and the installer. Alvin has been with Reference since early 2007, but his retail experience goes back to 2003. Alvin’s eye and familiarity with the world of retail, allows him to create Reference’s displays in a way that are both appealing to the customer, as well as show the differences in the products themselves. Becoming well rounded in the ways the products fit and perform, Alvin has the knowledge to make sure that our customers not only know what they are buying, but know they are getting the right equipment for their vehicle or home.

Travis Ryan

Installation Tech

Although Travis is the new here at the shop, he is not new to the 12volt industry, spending 3 years at Best Buy in Billings, Montana prior to being hired at Reference in February of 2016. At Best Buy Travis was the lead auto technician and handled all of the car installations that came through the store. Travis started into this career path with interest in both music and electronics, and was even a Geek Squad Advanced Repair Agent for computer electronics while he spent his time at Best Buy. Travis currently holds his MECP Basic Level Certification, and is on route to his Advanced Level Certification. Travis’s favorite part of his job is increasing both his skills and his knowledge to fully understand the mobile electronic world.